Skulls - a spooky symbol?

Posted on by Eleanor Swinhoe

Skulls in jewellery are BIG - they are cool!  Representing Heavy Rock or the Vanity of Life? 

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In Mexico the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a 3 day holiday celebrating and honoring those who have died - I think it wonderful to remember those who have gone before.  

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Sugar skulls (calaveras de azúcar)  are often placed on altars to represent the sweetness of life mixed with the sadness of death.

I love this tutorial by Deadly is the Female on doing your own Day of the Dead make up - give it a go this Halloween (I'm going to give myself a sugar skull this weekend!).

The skull in its obvious context means death and danger - its use on poison and famously as a symbol of Pirates on the Jolly Roger (although real pirates probably did not announce their arrival in such a blatant fashion - a plain black flag signified danger enough on the high seas!). 

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As far as skulls in art are concerned, I am blown away by the work of Lauren Baker - her skulls are embellished with mosaic, sequins, spikes, beads - some are gilded in gold, silver, or copper leaf.

Lauren Baker - Human Skull

Lauren Baker - Human Skull

But my favourite skull representation this Halloween has to be my little monster!

   Spooked by my own daughter!

  Spooked by my own daughter!