Bohemian Torque for Poppy Fields

Posted on by Eleanor Swinhoe

Poppy's partner approached me about making a torque for her that reflected her bohemian character and love of nature.  It also had to include several elements that made it that bit more personal to Poppy.  For sentimental reasons I melted down one of her old silver chokers to use the material in the new torque.  The flowers and butterflies represent special members of her family, and a Latin inscription was hand-engraved on the reverse as a personal message from her partner.


The torque is primarily made in Sterling silver with tiny leaves of 9ct yellow gold circling upwards.  The gemstones used were aquamarines, amethysts, and pink tourmaline.


Poppy is a free-spirited soul with a Hippie heart - her every day clothing is unique, and flowing, created by sewing together beautiful fabrics and textiles. You can see her work at her site Rags For Gypsies.  I hope that this special piece of jewellery reflects her personality perfectly.